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"The world's best-selling adult English course, a course you can always trust."

Why choose an Oxford Learning Center Adult program? Our program is a practice in which adults engage in systematic and sustained learning activities in order to gain a good command of the English language. Our goal is to provide an enriched learning experience with a lifelong impact. Some of the reasons adults may take English classes is to help learners satisfy their personal educational needs or perhaps achieve their professional goals.

"The first step towards success."

Prospective students will complete the Oxford Learning Center Online Placement Test. The test is in two parts - Use of English and Listening. Students are tested on their knowledge of grammatical form and vocabulary as well as their listening skills. The result allows us to offer a course that is suitable to your educational needs.

"Reliable and valid."

The Oxford Learning Center Online Placement Test has been pretested and validated by more than 19,000 students across 60 countries. The level achieved in Online Placement Test will govern which classes that are available for a prospective student to register.